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1. How long will my battery last?

Sensors use a common CR2032 lithium coin type cell. The battery will last for approximately 4 to 8 months under typical conditions, but there are certain conditions that will affect battery life. When Impact Detection is enabled, the battery life will decrease...

2. How do I replace my battery?

The battery level of your sensor can be checked on the Instruments page using the battery gauge located in the upper right hand corner for the sensor summary. Notifications will also be sent once your battery level has dropped into the critical range. The sensor...

3. How can I add a second sensor?

To add additional sensors, simply press the + button in the upper left hand corner from the Instruments page and follow the same process as linking your first sensor. For more detailed instructions refer to Getting Started, Section 2, Linking your first sensor.

5. Remotely monitoring my valuables

You can remotely monitor your valuables 24/7, regardless of where you are, by using a second device. Connect a compatible tablet or spare phone to the internet, using either Wi-Fi or Cellular. Turn Bluetooth ON (for Android devices also make sure Location Services are...

6. Using the Humiditrak app with multiple phones

To use a sensor with multiple phones or tablets, simply login to your same Humiditrak account with a compatible device. You do not need to re-link your sensor. The sensor will automatically connect to any of your devices when in Bluetooth range and your data will be...

7. How Accurate is my sensor?

Sensors are accurate to:Humidity: ±4%RH Temperature: ±0.5°CImpact: 56 mgDust and particles that accumulate on the sensor can also affect the accuracy so do take care in keeping the sensor in a relatively dust-free environment.

8. How do I delete my sensor?

CAREFUL!! YOU WILL LOOSE ALL OF YOUR SENSOR'S DATA Go to your sensor's Options page by selecting the sensor from the Instruments page and then selecting the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the sensor's Summary page. Select Delete. Press confirm.

9. Why sensors do not show up in my phone’s Bluetooth settings?

Sensors use a variation of Bluetooth called Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE or Bluetooth Smart). This type of wireless connection does not use the traditional Bluetooth pairing your phone would use. Instead, by using Bluetooth Low Energy, the Humiditrak App directly...