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5. Linking a sensor has failed

If you are trying to link a new sensor to your account and its keeps failing, it is typically caused by one of the following reasons:

  • A poor or dropped internet connection. Your device must be connected to the internet throughout the linking process. Afterwards you can disconnect if you would like. For reliability purposes, we recommend a good Wi-Fi connection.
  • Too many other sensors are nearby. If you have several other sensors within 10 feet of the sensor your are trying to link, it may interfere with the App to auto-detect the sensor you are trying to link. However, once your sensors are linked, you can put them as close together as you’d like. 
  • Your sensor’s registration window has expired. For security reasons, you can only link a sensor within the first 30 minutes after resetting the battery. Simply pull out the battery, re-insert it and try again.